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About Us

Extinval was founded in 1983 as a part of the Tanaval group to meet a series of needs in marine safety that arose on board those ships whose repair and maintenance constituted the core business of Tanaval.  Since 1983, Extinval has also opened branch in Almeria - Spain. Extinval has created Extinval USA located in Houston, New Orleans and New York and also Extinval Asia located in Malasia and Singapore.

Extinval dedicates itself to guaranteeing fire safety on marine vessels such as Oil, Cargo and Chemical Tankers as well as Cruise Ships. This is a faithful reflection of the quality of our services and, therefore, the prestige of our company.

We also manufacture machinery for the maintenance, recharge and hydrostatic testing of all types of extinguishers in addition to cylinders of CO2, halon and other gases and breathing cylinders. We are NATO recognized manufacturers and all our products are manufactured under EEC machinery standards.

We show our machines at international exhibitions and export our products to countries all over the world with agents and distributors in many of them.

However our main activity it is marine safety on board vessels.

We have firmly established a Quality assurance system in accordance with ISO regulation UNE EN ISO 9001:2008, Lloyds Register.

Roberto Pavía
Extinval President