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Gas Detection

Gas Detection

Extintores Valencia has one purpose, to cover all necessary needs in security to all types of ships, enter the complex world of gas detection. An important component in keeping enclosed places safe.

To give you a complete service Extinval has become the official agent of RKI and Honeywell makers of gas detectors. As well as other well known makers, we offer all types of equipment, installations, repairs, and calibrations of the detectors. We also perform UTI Calibrations.

Extinval now has a team of technicians at your disposal to help you with the right model for each situation. Gas detection is very important to be kept in mind on ships where there are a number of occasions that you need go in to enclosed spaces. For this we offer fixed systems for the detection of one or more gases as well as for checking the right percentage of the oxygen level.

As well as personal gas readers to make it a lot safer in confined spaces.

We also have available an alcohol detector as a means to control the alcohol consumption of crew and key personnel.

With all this Extinval offers at your disposal advice and help on any questions you may have on the type of gas detector you may need.

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